Network marketing has a bad rap, not because they are bad, but because of myths and misunderstandings. Some of this negativity comes from reported low success rates but the truth is network marketing isn’t any more likely to fail than any other business. 

Success comes from you doing the work to build it, just like a franchise or start from scratch business. (I have done all three). I mean, most athletes don’t make it to the Olympics, but it isn’t the sport or Olympics’ fault, is it?

It doesn’t take forward-thinking people long to recognise the power of network marketing. It’s been a proven vehicle with a low barrier to entry for otherwise regular people to achieve ultimate financial freedom for over a century! It lets you take control of your own life.

When you really look at network marketing from a business standpoint, what you’ll find is it’s hard to beat when it comes to low start-up cost,  low risk and monthly expenses. And it is not the same as multilevel marketing where the pie gets divided, you have quotas to meet and are asked to recruit friends and family. 


Many influential people support network marketing

Robert Kiyosaki is a long time supporter of the network marketing industry. He has a video on Youtube about it. Financial experts say it’s a “recession proof” industry. Billionaire Warren Buffet, after purchasing a network marketing company, called it the best investment he’d ever made. 

Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, calls it the first truly revolutionary shift in marketing in the last 50 years. Tony Robbins endorses the network marketing industry

Throw in the fact that you can make a pretty-much uncapped income, network marketing, in my opinion, is one of the best home-based businesses you can start.


The best advice for networking marketing

Make sure it’s a product you can fully stand behind.

Network marketing is sales and if you’re like me you want to be able to stand behind your product or service and be confident in it. Our products at are award  winning and have helped people in 132 countries over the last 10 years

If you would be comfortable sharing it with your family and friends, it’s a good indication that you believe in your products. Not recruit them. For the purpose of them using it to improve their lives. You can’t be all about the money and not the product or you won’t be setting yourself up for long term success.

Here is a sample of one of our personal development products for FREE. After viewing it, share your thoughts with me, I‘d love to hear them.


What is the business model?

When you take a closer look at the compensation program A-Life You Love offers it will impress you with its soundness and fairness. Our company’s compensation plan is one of the most generous plans I have ever seen. It gives the largest compensation to the person doing the work. All the details are completely shared in our full presentation.


What kind of training do they provide?

Ideally what you want is a proven system that shows the business for you. In this company, we have a full business presentation with six short videos that we send to qualified prospects.

Once you join, there is a full training system from getting started videos, to daily live training and guerilla marketing, which all will assist you in getting going on a sound footing, so you can be successful. 

Plus, there is a whole community of like-minded people rooting for your success and willing to help mentor you. 

It’s not rocket science. It is a level playing field and almost anyone can do it.

I believe everyone should consider being involved in network marketing. Especially in today’s world where most of us have needed to pivot into something more flexible that gives us much coveted time freedom and works whether the economy is up or down.

Network marketing has a very low risk with a high reward that you just won’t find in any other business model.  It’s not the easiest thing though, it takes commitment and consistent work for at least a few hours each day. 

When you follow the strategies and points I have shared with you in this article you’ll be well on your way to building the business of your dreams!


Are you a high energy person with a burning desire to create personal and professional success?

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